Mosquitoes – The Zika Virus

What You Need to Know

Zika virus disease (Zika) is a disease caused by the Zika virus, which is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected. However, Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly(, as well as other severe fetal brain defects. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. Source-


Ask any homeowner, mosquitoes easily make the Top 3 Most Annoying Pests of All Time list.

pest-control-outsideHosting an Outdoor Event?

Mosquitoes can ruin an outdoor event. You spend money to ensure your guests enjoy their time. Don’t risk having mosquitoes or stinging insects ruining what you have planned for so long. We have the solution to keep mosquitoes off your guest list.

48 hours prior to your event, APE will come to your location and inspect your event area. We will then apply an application to the grounds and fog any nearby vegetation or tree line. This application will have no odor or concerns for your guests.


AMS SERVICE (Advanced Mosquito Suppression)

Mosquitoes have been officially labeled the deadliest animal on the planet and they may be flying around in your backyard. Mosquitoes get a lot of press for not only ruining your outdoor experience, but they also carry dangerous vector-borne diseases.

A service specialist will customize your mosquito service specifically to your property. At every monthly service, we inspect all areas of concern like standing water and shaded areas under decks and trees. We have the latest fogging/misting technology on the market. Foggers allow our insecticides to be applied in small liquid droplets allowing for maximum penetration and coverage area. We use an insect growth regulator (IGR) that helps reduce the number of eggs a female mosquito is able to lay and interrupts reproduction.

amsWe also inspect your property for active larvae populations. Our service staff will point out any potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. Treatments are performed monthly from April- October. We also offer a discount to your monthly services if you can get a direct neighbor on board with our AMS service.

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