Real Estate Pest Solutions

As an agent, you work hard for your clients. You know your that a good transaction is only as good as the amount of detail you put into it. That’ why you need a reliable and thorough pest professional  to perform a quality inspection and perform a possible treatment and/plan of action. Let Advanced Pest Elimination be your trusted partner.

You need a quick turnaround on an Inspection Report, and we have a process to pinpoint your needs and quickly tend to them. Whether you’re representing the seller or the buyer, Advanced Pest Elimination has you covered.

We also provide the home seller/buyer a full assessment report, outlining potential threat areas where future infestations could occur such as wood piles, damp basements or foundations, wood to ground contact such as trellises, or fallen trees or debris near the home. This gives your client the understanding of what they need to do to the home prior to selling/after purchase to avoid possible termite infestations.


Honest and consistent wood destroying insect inspections, digital photos of evidence, digital reports emailed within 24 hours

beetles holes

Termite, Carpenter Bee, Carpenter Ant, Powder Post Beetle, Old House Borer treatments with warranty services


Structural damage repair from wood destroying insect inspections

Crawl space Moisture barrier

Crawl space moisture barrier installation


Free treatment estimates


24 hour email monitoring for quick response to questions


Competitor second opinions at discounted rates